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Film Locations North Carolina

Have you ever wondered where movies in your state were filmed? Check out these film locations in North Carolina. Stand where your favorite actor stood and see the backdrop for your favorite movies. We have a complete guide to the film locations in NC.

750 Stadium Drive, Durham, NC 27704


Durham Film Locations Favorite
Kevin Costner starred in the movie Bull Durham in 1988 as Crash Davis who is a professional baseball player. The location was actually at the old ball park or the DAP (Durham Athletic Park). It is a former minor league baseball field in Durham North Carolina. You will actually love how they manage to preserve such a wonderful site. 

You can also visit their town where you can be overwhelmed by their beautiful film locations that you can use such as their public school, restaurants, residential houses, beaches, and many more. Be the first to rate their renovated sites and start filming your movie like Bull Durham in NC.

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2948 Memorial Highway, Lake Lure, NC 28748


The Perfect Place
Firestarter, which Drew Barrymore starred in the movie when she was a kid, was actually filmed at the amazing and beautiful place of Lake Lure. The wonderful green grass made it realistic where the production team felt at home. The country houses turned out to be perfect for the film location.

You can actually take a look at the wonderful scenic film locations in Lake Lure in North Carolina. You will never get disappointed at the place because Drew Barrymore's career with Lake Lure's Firestarter Movie in NC started here. Start filming now.

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102 North Third Street , Wilmington, NC 28402


Dawson's Creek And Home
This show aired six seasons that took off the award winning nominations for best TV series and was actually filmed in Wilmington City in North Carolina. At EUE/ Screen Gems studio around the area, every episode made a trademark on the place. From school libraries to the parking lots of Alderman Hall, it perfectly portrays the fictional lives of close-knit teenagers.

There are a lot of beautiful places and film locations that you can check out in Wilmington. It could be the beaches, schools, residential places, and many more. The proof of the amazing beauty of the place is showed in Wilmington's Dawson's Creek series.

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102 North Third Street , Wilmington, NC 28402


For The Best Films
The A Walk To Remember Movie in Wilmington, NC was filmed at the different beautiful sites of the place. From Orton Plantation, Trinity United Methodist Church, Old Smithville Burying Ground, every site of the movie captures the best of Wilmington's view.

Take a chance to discover a lot more film locations in Wilmington where the beauty of the place reflects the progress of the community of the town. Start filming your show like A Walk To Remember in Wilmington, NC.

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, Beaufort, NC 28516


The Best Of Beaufort Film Locations
An old world, Southern charm, stepped in Maritime History in Beaufort is the actual place where Forrest Gump was filmed. The third oldest town in North Carolina that completes the amazing old time scenic shots of the movie and adds up the best motion picture in the production.

The movie has elected to retain the grump look of the place so if you are about to film an old fashioned movie, Beaufort is actually the right place for you. Forrest Gump at Beaufort City in NC made a helpful diagram of the film locations in town.

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, Asheville, NC 28805


A Perfect Guide For Film Locations
One of the most watched movie series that comes from a novel book is actually filmed at Asheville in NC. You will definitely be amazed to find out that the Hunger Games were filmed just around North Carolina. From the old model preserved house locations up to the complex architectural designs of the place, it is certainly the best film location.

You can always check for their beautiful spots where you can have the best sites that you can add for your production because Hunger Games In Asheville Town in NC is way too cool.

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101 North Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


A Better Setting For Films At North Carolina
Junebug is a family oriented story that was shot in Winston-Salem in North Carolina, the perfect farm like town that creates a better atmosphere for the successful production of the movie. The beautiful scenic places of the country and the natural locations of the town made a very realistic picture that contributes perfection to the movie.

Check out the country's best film locations such as the schools, complex architectural buildings, parks, restaurants, and other sites. Junebug at Winston Salem in NC captured beauty of the place.

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, Charlotte, NC 28202


Setting Up The Show
Leatherheads Movie in Charlotte, NC happens to be the best sport movie of all time. Showcasing the best film locations of Charlotte, such as the sports field, it is absolutely amazing. You will love the great ambiance brought to you by the Charlotte sports park.

Be sure to consider Charlotte on the list for your film locations because they absolutely have the best settings for your upcoming movies and shows. Leatherheads Movie in Charlotte was made perfectly.

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114 North Atlantic Avenue, Southport, NC 28461


The Most Realistic Film Location
Safe Haven is a romantic movie filmed at Southport, North Carolina. With the perfect home town view of the location along with its romantic sites, it is absolutely perfect for the production of your next movie or show.

The beach, the green fields, and the fashionable houses styled from the very artistic architectural structures are the best aspects that can create a wonderful motion picture movie. Southport's Safe Haven in NC turned out to be the best movie because of the exact beauty of the film location.

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Rodanthe, Dare, NC 27954


Perfect Location For A Romantic Film
Nights In Rodanthe was actually filmed at the very beautiful beach of Rodanthe at Dare County, North Carolina. The perfection of the house near the seashore made it more romantic. The simplicity of the movie reflects on the film location chosen by the production team.

You can check out the place and witness the amazing and perfect spot of the location for the most memorable and beautiful architectural house at Rodanthe in Dare County. Nights In Rodanthe in NC made millions and turned into a blockbuster hit and the secret of the movie is actually the film location.

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