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Kids Magicians in NC

Be amazed as these kids magicians in NC perform tricks and illusions that will blow you away. These entertainers will definitely dazzle you with the great performances that they have prepared.

, Charlotte, NC

haydini- magic__kids_magicians_in_north_carolina

Magic that is quite rare

There is hardly a person who doesn’t like magic. And for kids it is an absolute love. There are quite some great kids' magicians available in North Carolina. One of them is Haydini.


Hayden Childress is a multi-award winning magician and actor. He is well-known for his tricky magic, illusions, mind reading and comedy. He always brings his own useful equipment and music system. He is very communicative with his audience.

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, Charlotte, NC 28203

magic- barry- entertainment__kids_magicians_in_NC

Magic for everyone

Magic and magicians are the absolute love of any kid. There are many great kids' magicians in North Carolina. One of them is Magic Barry.


Magic Barry Entertainment has been in business for about 20 years. Think magic or think comedy or think both, you have to think Magic Barry Entertainment. The magic is very tricky and enjoyable. And the communication style of Magic Barry is unforgettable. He is very interactive with the guests.

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, Charlotte, NC

corky- magic__kids_magician_in_NC

A little magic and a little drama

All of our children love magic. If we can bring some magic to their party then it would be such a great day for them. For kids' magicians in North Carolina Corky Magic can be a great option.


Corky is a sweet lady clown who makes every child at the party smile. She comes as a clown character and does her nice little tricky magic. She also does face painting.

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, Charlotte, NC

bucks- magic- and- ice- cream-_kids_magician_in_North_Carolina

Magic and ice cream in one place

If you think of the two most favorite things of children, the first things that come to mind are magic and ice cream. If you can combine these two at a kid’s party then nothing can be more entertaining for them. In that case Bucks Magic and Ice Cream is there for you.


Bucks Magic and Ice Cream is known as a great kids' magician in North Carolina. Any kid will be happy with him.

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3704 Carriage Manor Court, Wendell, NC 27591


Over 10 Years' Experience! 

David is a full time entertainer, with over 10 years of experience. He comes dressed to impress, with his multi colorful pants, his mixed matched socks and his silver vest. His show will last about an hour. All the children will participate; David will get everyone involved. But the birthday kid will be the star of the show. Be prepared to take a lot of pictures, you won't believe your eyes with the magic and illusions you see. Children and adults will be amazed! 

Hire this North Carolina kids' magician at reasonable rates, call to book your event. He travels 300 miles from Raleigh. He fees are from $250 - $750.

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125-A Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540


Frost Magic Productions
Magician-Comedian Bill Frost has over 20 years of experience entertaining audiences of up to 3,000 spectators. Bill Frost is a 5 Star rated Professional Comedian- Magician; his improvisational style of quick wit humor has had audiences all over lauding his show as a must see experience. 

Bill combines high energy stage illusions and interactive magic amongst the audience in order to create an environment that is fun for everyone.  His extensive list of clients and his high customer ratings have given Bill an incredible edge. He looks forward to working with you and bringing you an unforgettable magic and comedy spectacle!

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Servicing the Greater Charlotte Area, Charlotte, NC


Make your next Event one to Remember!

Greg is a magician-comedian in the Charlotte, NC area who specializes in magical entertainment by creating lasting memories and fun for your special occasion!  Zelnik is very personable and a pleasure to deal with.  His personality shows through into his magic and this makes his magic much more fun to watch. Now when Zelnik the Magician performs, audiences all over Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas are sitting comfortably in their seats to see what is going to happen next.


Greg specializes in presenting magic that has a wide range of appeal.  Memorable Entertainment assures to capture your curiosity and imagination.

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Servicing the Greater Durham area, Durham, NC 27713


Magic is his medium name
Whether it's a small gathering of friends or a large hotel ballroom, the magic of Geoff Lloyd will make your event a memorable experience. With over 20 years of professional performance and a lifetime of study, Geoff's magic has entertained even the most demanding of critics and he will entertain you too.

Geoff is based in Durham, North Carolina and he performs from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to Cary and Research Triangle Park. He often travels the country for speaking engagements and shows. Drop by one of his venues and see a show, or have him perform for your next party.  

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, Raliegh, NC

captain- kid- magic- kid's- magician- in- NC

Magic that is comedy and creative

Whether it is children or adults, magic is entertaining to everyone. And for children this entertainment is quite special. There are quite some good choices available for kids' magicians in NC. One of them is CAPTAIN KID MAGIC.


Captain Kid specializes in organic magic. Captain Kid has been entertaining as a full-time comedy magician for over 25 years. He is able to remove all the boredom and make your kid’s party a super hit.

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Servicing the Greater Kernersville area, Kernersville, NC


A style unlike anyone else
There is a magic to him and then there is the magic of Cory. From the very moment people meet him, he has immediately engaged their attention, before any illusion takes place. Suddenly and before you know it, something amazing has happened, and even more wonder begins to unfold. However you must pay close attention because his hands are much quicker than all the eyes in the room. Cory is a professional magician with a side of Telekinesis and Escapology.

Cory's home town is Kernersville NC, but he travels 60 miles from there. His fee ranges from $150-1500.

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931-B South Main / #271, Kernersville, NC 27284


Why hire Acts of Magic?
Because Charles will mix and mingle with the guests conducting arcane magical demonstrations. He is excellent for outdoor and social gatherings, and since the magic is performed for small groups he circulates among the guests; this is called close up magic at its best. 

Cast off your skepticism and put your imagination in high gear. You can host an evening of wonder, magic and astonishment with the master magician and arcane conjurer Charles F Kerner. Mind Reading, Séance, Sleight of Hand, Teleportation and a lot of fascinating demonstrations will ensure a unique and entertaining evening. 

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Servicing the Greater Raleigh Area, Raleigh, NC


Carolina's Leading Family Magicians
If you wish to do something magical but 100% family-friendly for your special event -- then here is the way of doing it with the least amount of hassle. Call the dynamic duo of Nitro Neal & Chris Rock- the NC's leading family magicians. You will enjoy their laughter-packed interactive magic and explosive energy, their parrots, doves, bunny, nothing short of a sure-fire exhilarating experience is guaranteed.


The most favorite Carolina magicians will definitely keep the audience on the edge of their seats with high-energy, pulse-pounding performances that will bring down the house. You simply do not want to miss the electrifying event that Carolina's top magicians guarantee.

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, Charlotte, NC

ronn winter kid's magician in NC

Astonishing magic at your next party

Who says it is hard to make a child happy? The fact is you just need to find the element that interests him most. And in that case magic can never fail. There are many great adult and kids’ magicians available in NC. One of them is Ronn Winter.


Ronn's stage show showcases his mentalism. His classy, funny and mysterious magic acts mesmerize everyone. He is a true magician.

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Servicing the Greater Raleigh Area, Raleigh, NC


Make Your Next Event Unforgettable & Magical

At the age of 30, Jeff's electrifying performance has been entertaining thousands of special events, from birthday and company parties to fundraising benefits. Jeff has a special connection with children and this has him performing regularly at schools, birthday parties and libraries. He has become a favorite at festivals and state fairs.


The Action Packed Birthday Party Package is $275 and includes up to 1hr total travel time +1 hr total set-up /down. Subject to playful bunny, rat, & doves, loaded audience interaction with kids & adults, theatrical effects, lighting, backdrop, & music, and of course your child is the star throughout the show. As a FREE BONUS, Jeff’s Birthday Party Package also includes pre-show party DJ & Crazy “Kool” balloon twisting. The guests arrive to your magical event with interactive balloon twisting and party music, post show magic lesson & autograph photos. He will teach every guest an amazing magic trick to take home and share with their family and friends.

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, Raliegh, NC

happy- dan- the- magic- man- kid's- magician- in- NC

Make your kid happy

It is not hard to make a child happy. You just need to find the thing that interests them. And in that case magic can never fail. There are many great kids’ magicians available in NC. One of them is HAPPY DAN THE MAGIC MAN.


Whenever Happy Dan comes to the party he makes every child laugh out loud. This interactive magician knows how to catch everyone’s attention and please the crowd.

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, Charlotte, NC

ms daisy entertainment kid's magician in NC

Kids' magic at its best

Kids do not get impressed so easily. But when it comes to Ms. Daisy Entertainment, it is hard for any kid not to get impressed. She is one of the greatest kids' magicians in NC.


Ms. Daisy Entertainment provides a magic show that memorizes everyone present. Their professional yet funny and silly show catches every kid’s mind. The show is always interactive and every child gets a chance to participate.

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Servicing the Greater Raleigh Area, Raleigh, NC


Why hire Leoni Mentalist & Mind Magic? 

Leoni works out of Raleigh NC and the surrounding areas, and he wants you to experience the unexplainable. He wants you to feel that feeling of wonderment you had as a kid. He wants you to experience amazement when he reads your thoughts. He wants you to believe in magic again. He does all these with psychology, intuition and a little bit of real magic.


He has entertained for some of the top Fortune 500 companies, as well as countless private parties and events. So, if you need an experienced entertainer who's been doing this for many many years you've come to the right entertainer. His name is Leoni, and he is the Mentalist.

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Servicing the Greater Bessemer area, Bessemer, NC


Chastain Criswell: Magician / Entertainer
Magic By Enigma and Chastain Criswell is a throwback to Vaudeville Variety. He has performed for audiences for over 16 years and he is a teacher and inventor of magic tricks.  Chastain has created over a dozen specialty magic effects and he sold them worldwide! He is also published in several industry magazines and he specializes in family fun entertainment; however don't think he's just a kids' performer, adults also love his sense of humor and his wacky style.


You will enjoy unusual juggling, outstanding magic, impossible escapes, ridiculous stunts, and fall out comedy. A yypical gig duration is 20 - 60 minutes with yo-yo manipulation, comedy, magic, escapes, audience participation, and high energy variety fun! 

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P.O. Box 58792, Raliegh, NC 27658

shaun- jay- magic- kid's- magician- in- NC

Give your kid a magical night to remember

Every kid loves magic. So if you want to make your kid's next party special for him then don’t think twice and book a good magician. There are many good kids' magicians in NC. One of them is SHAUN JAY MAGIC.


Shaun Jay has a great experience of over 3500 shows. This polished and expert magician can turn your kid’s birthday into the most amazing day of his life.

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, Charlotte, NC

fun magician kid's magician in NC

Give your child a magical night

Whenever we plan for our child’s birthday party, we wish it to be magical and memorable. And whenever it comes to make the night magical no one else can do better than Fun Magicians. It is one of the greatest kids' magicians in NC.


Fun Magicians provides creativity and imagination with professionalism to turn the show into a great event. Their great magic tricks are capable of entertaining every age group.

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