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Springs Road Gun Club
Springs Road Gun Club Shooting Range in NC

Welcome to Springs Road Gun Club!
Springs Road Gun Club is a shooting range in Hickory, NC. The pistol and rifle range fee is $20. It is currently servicing Statesville, Morganton, Hickory and surrounding areas. The range is state approved and equipped for Security firearms and Law Enforcement qualifications.


Permitted Firearms include handguns: .22 cal up to .50 cal, shotguns: 410, 20, 16 & 12 gauge, rifles: .17, .22 & .223 ONLY (call for .223 restrictions), and carbines: 9mm, .40 cal, & .45 cal ONLY. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 12pm – 8pm, Sat 12pm – 6pm and Sunday 2pm – 6pm 

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Firepower, Inc.
Firepower, Inc. Shooting Ranges in NC

Welcome to Firepower, Inc.
Firepower, Inc. is a retail firearms shooting range and learning center. Its facility in Matthews, NC has been locally owned and operated since 1994. Its store includes a large retail showroom, two public shooting ranges and professional firearms instruction. With more than 15 years of experience, their goal has always been to provide safe and professional firearms services to their customers. They believe in prioritizing their customers and their needs. 


Safety and reliability is the key to their businesses success. Firepower, Inc. is very proud to be the one and only public indoor shooting facility in Mecklenburg County.

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Homeland Creamery
Homeland Creamery Day Trips for Kids in NC

A sweet taste of farm life
Homeland Creamery is a family owned dairy farm and it is operated by the Bowmans. They are seventh generation farmers who have been raising cows on the same homestead since the 1930s when their grandfather’s family started selling “barnyard milk” from only six dairy cows that were milked by hand.  


The herd has grown to over 200 cows and the cows are now milked with automatic milking machines.  The cows seem to be family too! Reservations for tours are required. The cost is $6 per person (ages 2 and up).

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North Carolina Botanical Garden

A Nature Lover's Paradise!

If you love flowers, landscapes, and nature in general, then North Carolina Botanical Garden is the place for you! With a mission to inspire understanding, appreciation and conservation of plants and nature, this NC garden holds fun programs and events for individuals of all ages. If you're just interested in walking around the grounds, then you can do that too! They're open every day, so stop in and check out the beauty for yourself!


North Carolina Botanical Garden has many gardens and preservations, including Battle Park, Display Garden, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, and much more. There is endless nature  and fun offered at North Carolina Botanical Garden, so add this place on your list of things to do in NC!

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The Elizabethan Gardens

Visit Queen Elizabeth's garden
When you enter the brick walled gates you will find a beautiful collection of statues, a gazebo, and a lush garden, all of which represent the Renaissance period. This North Carolina garden and arboretum was created to represent the garden that was kept for Queen Elizabeth.

The plants change depending on the season, but you will find magnificent and colorful flowers year round. The Elizabethan Gardens focuses on the education of plants and hopes to gain their guests appreciation for gardens. Visit their website to see which plants will be in bloom during your next visit.

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Bond Street Wines

Passion for Creating Unique Wines!
Launched in 2005 by a wine enthusiast who wants to bring new concepts and advantages of direct wine distribution to US consumers. With his quest of creating unique wines, he partnered with European based wine producer to join as a global sourcing partner, offering wines from sparkling to white wines and red wines.

Have a taste of its wine selection which can be enjoyed with a theme such as wines of certain regions, comparison of varieties, etc or taste wines with customized menu dinners between four to seven courses to create one memorable wine tasting experience. Wine tasting can also be done through client events where the customized experience includes time for significant interaction with client entertainment as top priority. Bond Street winery in NC believes that "Behind every great bottle is a great story"

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Chatham Hill Winery
The Oldest Winery in North Carolina
Established in 1999 as the first winery in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Area and the first Urban Winery in North Carolina, Chatham Hill Winery produces distinctive handcrafted wines of high quality and purity. Using the traditional way of wine making, this winery has produced wines of highest quality with a scientific approach in controlling conditions.

Chatham Hill produces its own line of wines each with very distinct taste blended with other fruits for a unique wine experience. Since its founding, this winery has received many international awards in wine competitions. Avail a membership of its wine club to enjoy discounts and exclusive privileges. 
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Marbles Kids Museum

Use Your Marbles!
Your kids will surely have fun and have the chance to use and develop their marbles. This children's museum in North Carolina offers tools, resources for the kids to imagine, invent, experiment and solve. The museum also provides environments to promote physical activity and healthy choices and a lot more for the betterment of your kids. 

Marbles kid's museum might be for children, but parents or guardians will also have the chance to enjoy their time with the IMAX theatre and most of all, playing with their kids.

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Alamance County Historical Museum

Experience American country home!
Come and bring your family and enjoy the gracious American country home built by Michael Holt III in 1790, enlarged in 1800, and again in 1875 by his grandson L. Banks Holt. This comfortable setting, with many original furnishings, provides a relaxed atmosphere enjoyed by hundreds of visitors each year.

Guided tours of the NC house's art museum are available at no cost. Please allow 45 minutes for the tour and be amazed by Victorian American Life Located at a National Register Historic Site!

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African American Atelier

Know them better!
Join us as we explore how they seek to promote an awareness, appreciation and sensitivity to the visual arts and culture of African Americans and to work in harmony with other ethnic groups. The exhibition facility is divided into three art gallery areas consisting of a large Main Gallery which showcases the major rotational exhibits and two small art galleries: Atelier’s Eva Hamlin Miller Gallery dedicated to Atelier’s co-founder and first curator (Eva Hamlin Miller) support groups and solo exhibits held at the facility.

The Atelier exhibits only original art and presents six to eight exhibitions each year in its 2,000 square foot modern facility located in the Greensboro Cultural Center North Carolina. This is an amazing art museum in NC!

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Biltmore Estates

Visit a Historical Landmark!
Biltmore Estate is a large private historical structure with a magnificent view. It is known as the largest privately owned house in the United States at 178,926 square feet featuring 250 rooms. The house itself is more than 100 years old and still owned by one of Vanderbilt’s descendants. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

Its grounds include a 75 acre vast land area showcasing formal gardens, a dairy farm, winery, and the Inn on Biltmore Estates, a AAA four diamond hotel with 213 rooms. It also recently opened the Antler Village which includes an Outdoor Adventure Center, Creamery, Cedric’s Tavern and a Museum. This is one of the best public arts in MA to see.

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The Billy Graham Library

Journey of a Great Evangelist
The Billy Graham Library is a 40,000 square foot historical landmark of faith that settles on an area with 20 landscapes showcasing a breath taking view of the library, Graham’s family house and beautiful landscapes. The library displays lots of memorabilia of one of the most powerful voices in the 20th century. A bookstore located in the attic is opened inside the library where guests can shop for books, gift items, music CDs, souvenirs and a lot more. A few steps from the library stands the fully reconstructed Graham Family house which was originally located on Park Road.

After an uplifting walk around this tranquil scenery, take time to relax and grab a delicious drink or go for a light snack at Graham Brothers Dairy Bar. The place does not only feed minds it also does feed hungry tummies. 

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category Public Art in NC
Cloer Family Vineyards

Wines are Best Shared with Family and Friends!
This 21 year old family business is the fruit of man’s labor. Struggling at first to stabilize the business, the owner tried everything to succeed. After perfecting the recipe of success, the family mapped out a plan to build a winery in NC which they can share with family and friends. This is a place that fits the farm and the owner’s southern roots. The Cloer Family Vineyards’ winery is created in a traditional red barn with green tin roof and is the home of 4 of the finest, award winning wines in North Carolina, Noble, Carlos, Chambourcin (Retired) and Veranda are among it.

Wine tasting is available anytime during operating hours and can be enjoyed for $5 with 5 wines. Private tasting can also be arranged. Guests can roam around the five acre vineyard and take a self-guided tour of the winery. Purchased wines can be savored inside the premises. Enjoy your wine while having a picnic by the pond, on the veranda overlooking the pasture or in the tasting room where you will find antique wine presses and photographic history of the Cloer Family Vineyards. 

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

A Famous Symbol
Built in 1799, it was first lit in October of 1803. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been built to protect one of the most dangerous sections of the Atlantic Coast, “Diamond Shoals” where hundreds to thousands of shipwrecks can be found and has gained the reputation as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. Through its existence, the tower has been renovated, reconstructed and moved from its original location. It is known and recognized as the tallest lighthouse in the United States, 23rd tallest traditional lighthouse in the world and a famous symbol of North Carolina. The lighthouse is also famous for its black and white stripe daymark pattern gaining the nickname as the “Big Barber Pole”.

The tower is one of the several operational lighthouses in North Carolina. It is open to the public from early April to Mid of October. Visitors can climb its 248 steps for the spectacular view of the ocean. Frame Buildings near the lighthouse which was opened as a Visitor Center with displays of the Island’s maritime history. Not far from the lighthouse is a picnic area and a nature trail were guests can enjoy being one with nature at this public art site in NC.

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Immigrant Gate 2

A Work of Art to Welcome the Arrival of Every Guest!
This 4ft wide, 12 ft. high sculpture is created by North Carolinian Artist Jim Galluci. The gate was built as a souvenir of the artist’s family coming to America as an Italian Immigrant in the 1930s. This public art sculpture in NC is a symbol to welcome immigrants to a new world of full opportunities.


Built in 1997, it was bought by Galluci in 2004 for an outdoor sculpture exhibition sponsored by the Raleigh Arts Commission and was subsequently bought for the city’s collection. It was installed for a while downtown near Memorial Hall. With the development of the New City Plaza, the sculpture has been transferred to its permanent home inside the park.

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WRAL Azalea Gardens

A Sight and Feel Worth Visiting!
Do you have the urge or even just a little bit of feeling to escape from it all? Stop by at WRAL Azalea Gardens, be rejuvenated by the beautiful sight it offers and be captivated by the wonderful fragrances. Bring your friends or families and have a picnic along the bench or spread out on the grass.

Celebrations are also available here, but make sure you plan your reservations early since this garden in NC is quite popular for its beauty, either photo shoots or weddings. A small fee will be charged but the garden is open for touring.

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Cree Shimmer Wall

A Beauty in Disguise
This 9,284 square foot piece of public art is standing on the west side of the convention center in Raleigh, NC. Behind this spectacular view is a blanket of air conditioning and mechanical systems of the entire building. Its walls are made of dark and light aluminum squares forming a huge oak tree in honor of Raleigh “the city of oaks”, LEDs were used as backlight of this wall. The aluminum squares swing as the wind blows and act like leaves in the wind which causes a shimmering effect.

Cree Shimmer wall’s fantastic view can be seen by thousands of by passers in the area. The entire view can be fully witnessed across the street and many areas throughout the downtown. Its colors are even livelier at night as LEDs were lit up revealing even more of its stunning beauty. View this work of art from the hill on Dorothea Dix property for a romantic and intimate spot with your loved one.

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